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Chinese Roommate Appreciation Day

By Vukica E., Loyola University Chicago, Fall 2017

On November 16, 2017, TBC students hosted a Chinese Roommate Appreciation Day to show our thanks to our wonderful roomies! Each semester TBC students have the opportunity to room with local Chinese students who are amazing because they dedicate so much time and energy into making us feel welcome and with helping us transition, get around, and adapt during our time in China. Chinese Roommate Appreciation Day is a way for TBC students to acknowledge their effort and the crucial role Chinese roommates play in creating a unique experience for students at TBC.

To help with the event planning, a Committee was created and prepared for the special Day for the past few weeks. During the meeting on Monday, October 30th, the members of the committee discussed various ideas on how to make all Chinese roommates feel appreciated in a limited amount of time. The meeting began the preparations for what came to be a very memorable and fulfilling day for both the Chinese roommates and the TBC students and staff. During Chinese Roommate Appreciation Day, the Chinese roommates:

  • Received Mason jars filled with appreciative notes and candy from the TBC students. The jars were full of notes complementing them and admiring all that they have done for TBC and particularly, the TBC students. As a personal touch, each jar came a picture of each TBC student and their Chinese roommate.
  • Viewed short videos from their TBC roommate, talking about what they appreciate most about their Chinese roommate and how they have helped them this semester. Watch the video below!
  • Were presented superlatives (“most…” and “most likely to…”) chosen by their roommates.

It was a successful day, spent with people that made up our best memories in China. As this unforgettable semester is coming to an end, we took the time to look back on the impact our Chinese roommates made on our daily life, studies, and social activities during our time at TBC/UIBE and in China.