Happy 25th Anniversary!

The Beijing Center is proud to celebrate 25 years of bridging cultures and growing friendships. We couldn’t have done it without our students and friends. Check this page often for up to date information on how we are celebrating this important milestone.

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TBC Turns 25!



  1. Round-trip group flight sponsorship for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 students

As part of our 25th anniversary celebrations, TBC is offering school-sponsored round-trip group flights at three U.S. airports to Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 students. Students are responsible for travel to and from their location of choice, but the international U.S.-China flights will be covered in full by The Beijing Center. Students who are not located in the U.S. may choose to come to the U.S. locations if desired.

More information to come! Got questions? Contact Queenie He at [email protected].

     2. Double Excursions

TBC’s iconic excursions have been part of the experience since the very beginning. For the 2023-2024 academic year, we are offering students the chance of a lifetime – to go to Yunnan Province and on the Silk Road during the same semester. Fall 2023 students will go on the Silk Road at the beginning of their semester and to Yunnan Province on a shorter trip midway through the semester, and Spring 2023 students will be vice versa.

More information to come! For questions, contact Queenie He at [email protected].

     3. Alumni Adventure Trip

We love our alums! To mark the occasion, alumni are invited to return to China and embark on the Silk Road excursion with TBC and the Fall 2023 class. We will also be hosting a banquet to welcome our old friends home. Partners, friends, and family welcome.

Dates: August 20 – September 1, 2023

Cost: Approximately $5,500. Cost decreases with increased signup. Cost includes flight from Kashgar at end of trip back to Beijing, transportation, hotels, and most meals.

Important Dates:

Things to note:

The excursion elements can be viewed here. Some changes will be made according to group member interest in other activities as well. For questions, contact Jessica Xi, Communications Officer, at [email protected].

     4. Matteo Ricci Moving Stickers

Modern messaging now has historical flavor. The Beijing Center developed moving stickers for the LINE, WhatsApp, and WeChat apps so you can send Matteo Ricci with ease, unlike his actual international travel experience. The prolific letter-writer, academic, and cross-cultural pioneer is able to give birthday and holiday well-wishes, express thanks, blow kisses, and more. Get them now by following our download guides here:

     5. Stay tuned for more!


Dear friends of TBC,

It’s been no small source of joy to have helmed The Beijing Center for the past five years. Being a part of this institution with a great heritage, a great community, and a great mission is an honor that I cannot describe. 25 years is an incredible feat. Just as China, and China’s relationship with the rest of the world, has changed over time, so has TBC. I look forward to seeing how it will change in the next 25 years, and beyond. We hope you join us in celebration. Thank you for your support.

SIMON KOO (古嘉文) – TBC Executive Director



Simon Koo 古嘉文
Simon Koo 古嘉文Ph.D. Purdue University

Executive Director

Based in Beijing


Dr. Simon Koo joined TBC in 2017, bringing over a decade of teaching, research, and administration experience in higher education. He is currently the Executive Director of TBC.

  • International Education
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • STEM Education
  • Data Science