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Thank you for your support in connecting your students to TBC. We want you to know that we are here for you, your students, and their parents every step of the way. China is a hot topic these days, and with much media coverage, often comes many questions, and sometimes misconceptions. There are many advantages to studying in China: it is a diverse country both in terms of people and geography, it is affordable; a semester in Beijing is often cheaper than one in the US, it is easy and inexpensive to travel around the country, and finally, having knowledge of China and the experience of living there will make your student stand out.

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Study Abroad

TBC offers a full range of courses and internship opportunities in both fall and spring semesters. Students can also choose to do a summer internship.

Addressing parent concerns

Use our Parents/Guardians page as a resource and conversation starter when students come with questions from their families. Additionally visit Your Life in China to get an insider’s perspective of what the students’ experience will be while abroad, including housing, budgeting, and what everyday life is like.

Frequently asked questions

Get straight answers to some of the most pressing questions you will be asked as an advisor, such as, ‘Is the air pollution really that bad?’ Please use our FAQs and Health & Safety pages as resources.

Why China?

Competitive advantage

While over 300,000 Chinese students study at U.S. universities, less than 16,000 American students study in China, and most only stay for a summer. China and the United States need to tap the full power of educational exchange, and its power to convert nations and peoples and to translate ideologies into aspirations. The need is stronger than ever for more of our U.S. undergraduates to understand and become the China experts of tomorrow. We recognize that studying abroad in China isn’t for everyone. You may be wondering what the profile of a typical TBC student is; our most successful students tend to be studious, adventurous and intrepid. We believe that TBC students are the future global leaders of tomorrow.


Breaking down barriers

TBC works to make China accessible for everyone! There is no language requirement, and all students take Chinese language courses while enrolled at TBC. History has taught us that even a little bit of Mandarin up their sleeve makes for a far more engaging experience.

Course mapping

We are constantly in discussion with universities to align our course names and content with theirs in order to ensure successful course transfer and to keep students on track for scheduled graduation. If your school has not yet completed course mapping, we are happy to assist with this process. We encourage students to plan out their semester with our Course Builder before they come to you for advisement. We offer approximately 20 courses each semester; you can see an overview of each course, a biography of the professor, and a sample syllabus in the Course Details section.

Financial aid

TBC works closely with each institution regarding program tuition and financial aid. We also offer both need-based and merit-based scholarships for qualifying students. Let us know how we can assist in the process to have your institutional aid transfer to TBC.


The Jesuit tradition of engaging with China is over 400 years old, and The Beijing Center carries on this tradition through holistically engaging with China. TBC is far more than the typical study-abroad program; it is a study China in China program. With this philosophy in mind, TBC starts each semester with a two-week Academic Excursion that is included in tuition.

Student Life

Even before students arrive in Beijing and are greeted at the airport, the Student Life team is working to create a supportive environment making housing and visa arrangements. Students attend orientation their first week, during which they are introduced to their new life as they begin their journey. From monthly community meetings to one-on-one mid-semester check-ins, and a robust activities calendar, throughout the semester the Student Life staff provides a holistic, inclusive, and immersive student experience.


Employers are looking for globalized leaders, and it is important that students have the opportunity to put their skills into use in the workplace. Each semester, including the summer, TBC works individually with students to find internships that match their skill sets and interests.


TBC has a world-class curriculum taught by experienced faculty and experts who use a blend of Chinese and Western approaches to teaching and learning. We keep with the motto that “China is Your Classroom” and professors take their class beyond the walls of the classroom with many engaging field trips in Beijing.

Campus & housing

TBC is hosted on the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), a top Chinese University. This gives students the opportunity to participate in campus activities and our award-winning Chinese Roommate program. Students can choose from a variety of housing options. Read more in Campus & Housing.

Daniella Lubey Daniella Lubey
University of San Francisco - Study Abroad Advisor
“All our students had great experiences w/ TBC and transcripts were sent back to our office so the transfer of courses went smoothly...TBC offers great cultural & academic opportunities for students to learn along with chances to challenge themselves.”