Semester or Year Abroad

Study Abroad in China for a Semester or Year

Immerse yourself in a unique, life-changing experience.

Semester Abroad introduction
October 15 Spring 2024 application deadline Apply
October 15 Spring 2024 application deadline Apply

Challenge your perspectives and worldview

Experience first-hand modern life, beyond the headlines, in one of the world’s oldest civilizations. By combining intense language and course work, unparalleled immersion opportunities, and academic excursions throughout the country, you will learn more about China in your first week here than you have in your entire life.

No Chinese necessary No Chinese necessary
Course mapping for easy credit transfer Course mapping for easy credit transfer
Financial aid transfer agreement with many universities Financial aid transfer agreement with many universities
Over 20 English-taught courses a semester Over 20 English-taught courses a semester
Be fully immersed in campus life with a Chinese roommate or choose from other housing options Be fully immersed in campus life with a Chinese roommate or choose from other housing options

Academic Excursions

Trace 2,050 miles of the ancient international trade route between China and Europe, immerse yourself in the rural ethnic groups in China’s southern jungles and mountains.

Academic Excursions

TBC Courses

Study with our world-class faculty whose expertise is sought the world over. You have read articles and seen countless news stories about China; now immerse yourself in a place that has been a part of the global conversation for thousands of years.

TBC Courses

CanI graduate from university on time following my semester abroad?

Yes you can!

Much of the TBC curriculum can satisfy core curriculum requirements of many universities and colleges. Our diverse curriculum offers courses in the following disciplines:

  • Asian Studies
  • Business
  • Communication
  • Fine & Performing Arts
  • History
  • Internship
  • Chinese Language
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Theology

Can I afford to study abroad in China during my undergraduate studies?

Yes you can!

TBC works closely with your home university regarding program tuition and financial aid. As is the case with all U.S. Federal Aid, it will carry with you to any U.S. accredited institution (that’s us!). Additionally we have made agreements with many universities worldwide so that your university financial aid will transfer as well. Many students find that the housing and living costs in Beijing are significantly less than a semester on their home campus. For more information about Tuition, Financial Aid, and Scholarships visit our Admission page.

Application deadlines for a semester or full year studying in China

TBC admits students on a rolling basis. You are encouraged to apply in advance in order to secure a place in the program.

Check with your home university study abroad office, as they may have earlier deadlines.

TBC must receive your completed application by the following deadlines:

  • Fall: April 1
  • Spring: October 15
Saeger Godson Saeger Godson
Loyola University Chicago - TBC 2015-2016
“My time at TBC gave me the opportunity to truly observe 21st century China. The Chinese nation is filled with a confidence & ambition that is infectious. It never ceases to amaze me how different China is from the image we see in the West.”
Angelo Canta Angelo Canta
Loyola University Chicago, Ricci Scholar - TBC SPRING 2016
“Having a Chinese roommate has been the cementing of my perspective of China.”
Anna Savage Anna Savage
Loyola Marymount University - TBC ChinaGreen 2016
“This country is so beyond beautiful. The biggest lesson that TBC taught me is that only through thoroughly developing an understanding of Chinese culture and society can Western nations offer a helping hand in the looming environmental crises.”
Daniella Lubey Daniella Lubey
University of San Francisco - Study Abroad Advisor
“All our students had great experiences w/ TBC and transcripts were sent back to our office so the transfer of courses went smoothly...TBC offers great cultural & academic opportunities for students to learn along with chances to challenge themselves.”