3 Credits

Real World Modeling with Mathematics

An introduction to mathematical modeling
Simon Koo 古嘉文
Course Introduction
Simon Koo 古嘉文
Simon Koo 古嘉文Ph.D. Purdue University

Executive Director

Based in Beijing


Dr. Simon Koo joined TBC in 2017, bringing over a decade of teaching, research, and administration experience in higher education. He is currently the Executive Director of TBC.

  • International Education
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • STEM Education
  • Data Science

Real World Modeling with Mathematics

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3 Credits
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Course Description

An introduction to mathematical modeling. Topics chosen from linear programming, probability theory, Markov chains, scheduling problems, coding theory, social choice, voting theory, geometric concepts, game theory, graph theory, combinatorics, networks. Emphasis placed upon demonstrating the usefulness of mathematical models in other disciplines, especially the social sciences and business.

Courses Outcomes

Students will understand the usefulness of mathematical modeling in a variety of disciplines within the life sciences, the social sciences, arts, and business. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Define terminology and solve problems involving rich mathematical ideas;
  • Communicate complete solutions to problems verbally and in writing (This involves using complete sentences to explain individual steps in the solutions, correct notationand proper units);
  • Determine and explain when particular theorems apply to a situation and apply themcorrectly;
  • Use valid reasoning and problem-solving skills to analyze and solve mathematics and lifeissues that transcend mathematics;
  • Explain how mathematical thinking applies to daily life.