CHIN 360Fall, Spring, Summer

Advanced Conversational Chinese

Express your true personality in Chinese!
Wang Min
Course Introduction
Wang Min

Wang Min

M.A. China University of Political Science and Law
  • Chinese Language
  • Literature
  • Law

Advanced Conversational Chinese

This course is accredited through Loyola University Chicago
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Course Description

This is an integrated course designed for students who are with advance Chinese level (including reading, writing, listening and speaking). This course covers twelve pieces of real authentic materials about different aspects of the society in modern China, such as Different Culture, Parents and Children, Face the Desert, etc. and emphasizes on improving the ability of the learners to use Chinese for communications, reading comprehension and writing assignments. Through plenty of special trainings, students will be strong in oral Chinese, know how to talk over social phenomenon with Chinese natives in real life with a good understanding of China.