TBC 2060Fall 2019, Spring 2020

Advanced Chinese Conversation II

Express your true personality in Chinese!
Liu Xueting 刘雪婷
Course Introduction
Liu Xueting 刘雪婷
Liu Xueting 刘雪婷M.A. Beijing International Studies University

Liu Xueting received her degree from Beijing International Studies University(BISU), and she received the Qualification Certificate of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Advanced) from Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) in 2006. She also received the certificate in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages(TCSOL) from Columbia university. She has a wealth of experience teaching the Chinese language across all levels in many programs. Professor Liu has taught Chinese language at University of International Business and Economy (UIBE) since 2009. She has been teaching at TBC since 2011 and teaching courses such as Survival Chinese for the Real Beginners, Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese.

  • Chinese Language
  • Literature

Advanced Chinese Conversation II

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Course Description

This is an integrated course designed for students who have mastered basic Chinese grammar and a vocabulary of 3000 characters. As learners of intermediate-advanced level, students are expected to express themselves in fluent, accurate, complete, and culturally-appropriate Chinese. The course aims at helping learners to achieve this goal by providing frequently practiced vocabulary, sentence structures, and covering various socio-cultural topics in China today.