The Beijing Center Faculty Publications

To Define Sea Change and Explore Strategy, 2020

- Shi Yinhong 时殷弘

Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Macau International Airport

Proceedings of the Macau and its Neighbors in Transition Conference, University of Macau - Alexander Wong

Commodity trading advisors’ leverage and reported margin-to-equity ratios

Journal of Futures Markets, 23(10), 1003-1017 - Fernando Diz

Simple and cross efficiency of CTAs using data envelopment analysis

European Journal of Finance, 11(5), 393-409 (with Gregoriou, G., Rouah, F., Satchell, S.) - Fernando Diz

Internet of things: service and applications categorization

Advances in Internet of Things

Making One’s Intentions Concrete: Dimensions of Confucian Ethics

RUC Press - Wen Haiming 温海明

Website on El Camino de Santiago:

WeChat Platform 圣雅各之路, ID: elcamino_chinese

¿Y después de Beijing 2008…?

Sal Terrae

探索道德目标与动机之间的实践联系 –The search for a practical bond between moral goals and motivation

The Review of Practical Philosophy

An assessment of fecal indicator and other bacteria from an urbanized coastal lagoon in the City of Los Angeles, California, USA

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 185(3) - Dr. John Dorsey

The Influence of Legitimacy on the Sustainable Development Strategy and Performance of Telecom Firms

China Industrial Economics, Vol.10 - Xu Erming 徐二明

Value-added and the Model of Capital Operation for Non-financial Asset Management Companies

Commercial Research, Vol.05 - Xu Erming 徐二明

The Influence of Technological Innovation Resources to High-tech Product Export Achievements: Evidence from 52 National Hi-tech Zones

Scientific Management Research, Vol.01 - Xu Erming 徐二明

The Impact of State Ownership Structure on Innovation Strategy and Performance in Chinese Listed Companies

Chinese Journal of Management, Vol.02 - Xu Erming 徐二明

Strategic Orientation, Organizational Learning, and Indigenous Firm Innovation

Economic Management Journal, Vol. 06 - Xu Erming 徐二明

Translation: Nietzsche’s complete works from German into Chinese

- Yang Hengda 楊恒達

“Trans-gressive Images”: Reflections on the Impact of Jerónimo Nadal´s Evangelicae Historiae Imagines in Late Ming dynasty


Vom Ringen mit einer ignatianischen Berufung. Jerónimo Nadals Chronicon

Geist und Leben

Jerónimo Nadal (1507-1580) und der „verschriftlichte“ Ignatius. Die Konstruktion einer individuellen und kollektiven Identität