3 Credits

International Marketing

Understand how culture affects China’s consumer behavior, it can be the difference between make or break when doing business in China
Feng Naixiang 冯乃祥
Course Introduction
Feng Naixiang 冯乃祥
Feng Naixiang 冯乃祥M.A. Tsinghua University; MBA University of St. Thomas

Professor Feng is currently a research fellow at the Center for International Business Ethics and an associate professor of the School of International Studies at UIBE. He received his M.A. degree from the Foreign Language Department at Tsinghua University, and earned his MBA degree at the University of St. Thomas. He has taught in many universities in the United States, Mexico, Canada, UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. He was a frequent guest speaker at Blue Ocean Network (BON TV). He focuses much of his work and teaching on the intersection between culture and marketing matters.

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International Marketing

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3 Credits
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Course Description

This course aims to provide a basic understanding of marketing in Chinese context. As is known to all, marketing in China is both similar to and very different from marketing done elsewhere. Culture plays a major role in doing business in China. The course focuses on how culture affects China’s consumer behavior, with topics like marketing environment, branding, and advertising, marketing channels. The role of consumer research, and the ways in which managers and consumers react to various marketing efforts will also be addressed in this course. All the marketing issues will be illustrated and examined using cases that are derived from experiences and operations in China. The course is integrative in approach, combining the content of marketing theories with marketing practices in China.

Courses Outcomes

The primary objective of this course is to expose you to issues involved in China’s marketing. The Chinese business is becoming increasingly more aware of the international marketplace and is looking for employees with international expertise. It is impossible in any one course to teach you how to market every product in every country. In this course, we will look at general examples and frameworks of China’s marketing through lectures and class discussions. We will also look at some specific examples of how to market products China through the group project. By providing the framework and one in-depth example, students should be able to apply their knowledge of marketing to the Chinese situations.

This course is taught using a combination of the lecture and student participation methods. The class will participate in several in-class exercises intended to reinforce the concepts discussed in the lectures and in the text. It is imperative that you actively participate in these discussions. We will cover approximately 2 chapters each week, plus supplementary readings as listed and augmented as the semester progresses.