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Shelley Ochs 欧阳珊婷
Shelley Ochs 欧阳珊婷Ph.D. Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing

Shelley Ochs is a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, a translator of modern and classical Chinese medical texts, and a scholar specializing in the cultural and intellectual history of medicine in early China. Dr. Ochs completed her Ph.D. in the History of Chinese Medicine and Chinese Literature at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (2013), Beijing, China. Her current research focuses on the role of culture and religion in the early formation of Chinese medical theory and practice. She regularly writes articles on Chinese medicine for both academic and clinical journals. She has been teaching a class on Chinese medicine for undergraduates at TBC every semester since 2008.

  • Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese culture
Xiurong Zhao 赵秀荣
Xiurong Zhao 赵秀荣Ph.D., Capital Normal University

Xiurong Zhao is professor in History School in Renmin University of China now. She studies social history of medicine in early modern England. She has published several essays in this field in World History, Historiography Quarterly and Journal of Historical Science. She has published two books: A Study of Business and Merchants of England, 1500-1700, Social Science and Documentation Publishing House, 2004; The Studies of the Relationship between the Individual and the State in Western Political ideas, China Social Sciences Press, 2012. She has translated one book: Transformations of the Earth: How Nature Matters in the Making & Unmaking of the Modern World, Commercial Press, 2015. She was visiting scholar in the University of Harvard in the US and the University of Warwick in England. She has worked in the University of Geneva for four years.

  • Social History of Early Modern England
  • Comparison between China and the West
Zhang Jing 张晶
Zhang Jing 张晶Ph.D. Beijing Foreign Studies University

Professor Zhang majored in American Literature, focusing on the studies of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Toni Morrison. She earned a Ph.D. degree at Beijing Foreign Studies University, a M.A. degree at Heilongjiang University, and a B. A. in English Language and Literature at Qiqihar University, China. Her publications include: Fundamentals of English Historical Linguistics, Beijing: Peking University Press (2010) and Nathaniel Hawthorne and Redemption, Beijing: China Commerce and Trade Press (2007).

  • Literature
  • Linguistics

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