The Beijing Center

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the beijing center for chinese studies


Each semester begins with an orientation week during which you will be introduced to TBC’s facilities, services, staff, academic procedures & policies, health & safety, your new neighborhood, our host institution- University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), and Beijing.


Living in China challenges you to know yourself, and inherently strengthens your problem solving ability, flexibility, courage, and patience, but being immersed in a new culture and language takes time to adjust. Our hope is that the variety in our orientation week will not only help you beat your jetlag, but arm you with the tools necessary to smoothly acculturate. Each person adjusts to a new country, culture, and language differently, and through our orientation, we strive to broaden your perspective of the world and open a dialogue of understanding of a very ancient, fascinating, and proud culture.


This is a sample schedule, subject to change.

Day 1

  • Welcome Address
  • Campus Tour
  • Lunch with Chinese Roommates
  • Administrative Logistics (Buy a local SIM card, exchange money, take picture for student ID)
  • Pizza Social
  • Cultural Norms Skits

Day 2

  • Overview of Student Life
  • Lunch with Chinese Roommates
  • Overview of Campus Living & Student Life
  • Special Interest Sessions: Navigating China as an LGBTQ-A Student, Heritage Student, or Student of Color
  • Travel by subway to Kung-Fu Show

Day 3

  • Academics Orientation
  • Excursion Sessions- historical context for the upcoming Silk Road or Yunnan Province Excursion
  • Chinese Language Placement Tests or an Introduction to Chinese Language for Beginners
  • Tai Chi Class

Day 4

  • Chinese Bank Account set-up
  • Academic Excursion Logistics
  • Trip to Decathlon & IKEA and Malls Nearby

Day 5

  • Visit Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City
  • Prepare/Pack for the Excursion