1210Spring 2024
1 Credit

Doing Business in China

Alexander Wong
Course Introduction
Alexander Wong
Alexander WongMBA, California State University, Long Beach


Trained as an accountant, Alex is a versatile management professional with over 29 years of broad ranging experience in strategic planning and leadership of finance and operations in diverse industries including international airport management, healthcare services and technology start-ups in United States, China and Europe…

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Doing Business in China

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1 Credit
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Course Description

This is an introductory course about doing business in China through the perspective of the 36 stratagems. While Sun T-zu’s The Art of War has been widely studied by MBA students and business executive worldwide in the past ten to fifteen years; The 36 Stratagems has been relatively unknown outside of China even today. Because the 36 stratagems are part of Chinese strategic thought, understanding the 36 stratagems are critical to understand the China business environment. While the 36 Stratagems compile thousands of years of military and political thinking, and the richness of its meaning requires lengthy in-depth studies, the teaching of the 36 stratagems in this course is meant to be representative and illustrative. By analyzing both Chinese companies and non-Chinese companies applying the Stratagems, students will learn that the Stratagems are relevant to today and applicable both inside and outside of China.

Courses Outcomes

  1. Build awareness and develop understanding of the China business environment
  2. Understand and able to articulate some of the 36 stratagems; begin to understand the rest-of the 36 stratagems
  3. Develop the skills to analyze a company’s business approach with the perspective of the 36 stratagems
  4. Improve team work skills