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Craving for Korean food or Korean inspired fashion? You should visit  Wudaokou while you are in Beijing! Wudaokou is known as a trendy and energetic atmosphere, since it is a popular student hangout. There is a multitude of multicultural restaurants, trendy cafes, and funky fashion boutiques.

Wudaokou is a district located in the Haidian District of North West Beijing. There are many famous universities within this area, such as, Peking and Tsinghua University- they are considered the Harvard and MIT of China. You can easily reach Wudaokou either by taxi or MTR.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can do while in Wudaokou: There is a large supermarket called Lotus Supermarket where you can find just about anything your mind can think of.  The Wudaokou Movie Theatre offers a 50% discount every Tuesday. There is an abundance of upscale hair salons within the area, so you can just walk-in and give any of them a try! A well-known coffee place in Wudaokou is called Lush, where if you buy 8 cups of coffee you can get one free. There is also Cava Coffee and Café Bros. Now, if you’re hungry, don’t worry because Wudaokou is filled with Sichuan and Korean restaurants. Shang Chun Chinese Home Style is a fantastic place to experience authentic Chinese dining, where dishes are inexpensive and tasty. Some great Korean dining options are SHREK Kimbap and Piaoshi BBQ; SHREK Kimbap allows you to sample authentic Korean food at cheap prices and Piaoshi BBQ is authentic Korean BBQ.

Wherever you go in Wudaokou, you will always find a cool and interesting place to enjoy.

Happy exploring!

By Chris Kong, Loyola University Maryland, TBC Communications and Social Media Intern and Fall 2015 Student