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TBC’s First Virtual Internship Showcase – Summer 2020

The current changes in the global education environment due to COVID-19 has prompted many academic institutions and universities to adapt and modify the way they educate their students. Starting this summer, TBC began offering virtual internship experiences to students interested in China and its growing business market.

As part of TBC’s Virtual Internship Program, students took part in online classes on Chinese culture, language, and economics, in addition to their virtual internship work with their assigned Beijing-based company. To better prepare students and track their progress, they were assigned an internship coordinator that guided them in their courses, internship assignments/schedules, and their approach in completing their program so it serves most beneficial.

Following the students’ completion of their virtual internship program, on Friday, September 4, TBC hosted its first Virtual Internship Showcase. During the showcase, students, professionals, professors, and TBC staff had the opportunity to hear about the interns’ individual experiences working with WWF and CAMAL Group.

The interns gave presentations discussing their academic goals, their professional experience, and future plans, as well as their individual virtual internship work and how it has contributed to improving their skills and giving them an upper hand in continuing their studies. A common theme in their presentations and experience was the newness of virtually completing tasks, working with people in different time zones, and adapting to the skills of online work and communication demands.

The showcase presentations concluded with a Q&A by the audience and the interns, addressing the biggest challenges and advantages of a virtual internship in comparison to a traditional in-person internship. The interns reflected on conducting projects virtually and expressed their growing interest in working in China in the future, after the success of this internship experience.