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TBC Stands With The Black Community

As a Jesuit educational establishment founded on the premise of multicultural engagement and bringing people together – regardless of ethnicity or race – all of us here at TBC are deeply saddened by the injustice against the Black community. While the whole world is going through an extremely challenging time with the pandemic, a heightened level of support and peace is necessary, yet the ongoing problem of racial disparity has added to an already blazing fire. 
We at TBC not only recognize that Black lives matter, but we wholeheartedly enforce inclusion and thrive with a diversified community of staff, students, partners, and clients. We believe that every culture, race, and community of people are intertwined, so a problem for one community, is a problem for all humanity. We will continue to act on our beliefs by utilizing our resources in magnetizing and initiating change with all communities in mind.  
As painful and disturbing as the ongoing injustices brought onto the Black community have been, it has allowed us to reflect on our core values and the beautiful community of people from all cultures and ethnicities we have been blessed with. In doing so, we not only stand in solidarity with the Black community, but we continue to cultivate a multi-racial and multi-cultural environment, dedicated to demonstrating our Jesuit spirit and supporting affirmative action within every community. 

–The Beijing Center


Here are some organizations promoting racial justice, fighting against police brutality and/or providing legal and other support for people exercising their right to protest.