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TBC Stands with The Asian Community

We at The Beijing Center (TBC) are all deeply disturbed by the recent violent outbreak against Asian Americans, and we are horrified at the continued unfolding of racially motivated acts of hate and violence. As we collectively continue to battle against the ongoing pandemic, an increase in violence and additional deaths points to the need to expand the awareness of bias and discrimination that is still very much present in our societies.

As we firmly stand with the Asian community now and always, we recognize the severity of this occurrence and the urgent need for positive change and global unity. The effects of this act of violence reach beyond Atlanta, reminding us all of the harsh reality – that any individual, regardless of race and ethnicity, can be targeted and that we should work towards eliminating the propensity for violence.

As an international education institution built on a multicultural Jesuit identity, we can’t help but be grateful for the inclusive and diverse community and company culture we have cultivated. In doing so, we are taking this racially-motivated violence towards the Asian community with a heavy heart and an open mind into further understanding the intricacy of injustices brought on by intersectionality.

– The Beijing Center


Below are some organizations promoting racial justice and other support for the Asian community. 

Click on the following links to read statements from our partner institutions: