Experience the beauty and challenges of the natural elements as you travel throughout China.

Course introduction
China green video
Dr. John Dorsey

Dr. John Dorsey

Ph.D. University of Melbourne

Professor at Loyola Marymount University Dept. of Civil Engineering & Environmental Science

  • Natural Sciences
  • Ecology
  • Public Speaking
  • Watershed Management
  • Wastewater Treatment

Course Information

Envs 281C Environmental sustainability & science in china - 3 credits

In The Beijing Center’s ChinaGreen program you will join China’s discussion about its environment: how to preserve and protect it whilst ensuring sustainable livelihoods for the Chinese people. Over four weeks, you’ll face the big questions about balancing environmental management and economic development, and you will be awed by the ways in which individuals, social enterprises, corporations, and government in China respond to these issues. Both in Beijing and on a 12-day academic excursion, you will participate in behind-the-scenes site visits, lectures from world experts, tours, field research, and experiments, giving you a greater understanding of the science behind environmental policy and practice. While earning course credit for ENVS 281C Environmental sustainability & science in china, you will deeply analyze how economic development and environmental sustainability are interwined, and reflect on your own role in this global challenge.

Excursion destinations Excursion destinations

Take your studies on the road as you board a high-speed rail to shanghai

See how nature meets industry in the financial hub of Asia, a city that was mere farmland less than 100 years ago! Then head west to experience all of the natural elements. From mountains to jungles to plateaus, encounter the beauty and challenges each element presents, and of course, no environmental trip to China would be complete without paying a visit to the pandas!

Duration Approx 2 weeks
  • Wood - Zhangjiajie Wood - Zhangjiajie
    Wood - Zhangjiajie

    a UNESCO World Heritage National Park

  • Metal- Shanghai Metal- Shanghai
    Metal- Shanghai

    the financial hub of Asia

  • Water- Dongting Lake Water- Dongting Lake
    Water- Dongting Lake

    a World Wildlife Fund wetland preservation project

  • Earth- Daping Earth- Daping
    Earth- Daping

    an experimental eco-village using cutting-edge technology for sustainability

  • Fire- Taiyuan Fire- Taiyuan
    Fire- Taiyuan

    the largest coal-producing city in China


Application deadline
Students arrive in Beijing- program start!
Class Begins
Excursion begins!
Classes end & checkout

Program Fees

Program fee $3,950

  • Tuition for 3 credit hours of environmental studies
  • Required international health insurance
  • Double occupancy housing
  • Airport Pickup/Dropoff
  • Orientation in Beijing (activities, meals, speakers)
  • 11-day course excursion to ecological travel and activities costs
  • Closing banquet
Does not include
  • Airfare ($900 - $1,300)
  • Chinese visa costs ($140 approx.)
  • Meals ($300 - $400)
1 April 2018 Admission cutoff date

Earlybird Sign-Up Discount

Thursday, February 1st, 2018

Students who complete an online application before this date will receive a $300.00 discount off the program fee!

Anna Savage Anna Savage
Loyola Marymount University - TBC ChinaGreen 2016
“This country is so beyond beautiful. The biggest lesson that TBC taught me is that only through thoroughly developing an understanding of Chinese culture and society can Western nations offer a helping hand in the looming environmental crises.”