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Course introduction
March 15, 2019 Summer Internship Application Deadline Apply
March 15, 2019 Summer Internship Application Deadline Apply
Simon Koo 古嘉文
Simon Koo 古嘉文Ph.D. Purdue University

Executive Director

Dr. Simon Koo joined TBC in 2017, bringing over a decade of teaching, research, and administration experience in higher education. He is currently the Executive Director of TBC.

  • International Education
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • STEM Education
  • Data Science

Course information

IBUS 370 Summer Internship: External Experience in China6 credits

Our globalized world needs globalized leaders. The Beijing Center’s Global Leaders Summer Internship program gives you a unique 10-week opportunity to put your professional skills to the test in China, with a high-quality placement in your chosen sector.

Over your 10-week stay in Beijing, a thriving and diverse city of 20 million people and China’s start-up hub, you will navigate the complexities and cultural nuances of the Chinese workplace, challenging and broadening your own worldview in the process. You will work alongside Chinese and international colleagues and become part of Beijing’s exciting network of young professionals.

From the moment you arrive in Beijing, TBC’s comprehensive orientation, mentoring, and support will ensure that you get the most out of your stay. Additionally, you will learn Chinese (offered from beginner level and up) from TBC’s expert language faculty, with the added advantage of applying it immediately in your Beijing workplace.

***No previous language study is required. Level based on in-country placement test

Shenzhen and Hong Kong Excursion Shenzhen and Hong Kong Excursion

Take your studies on the road as you board a high-speed rail to Shenzhen and Hong Kong

During the program, TBC will take you by high-speed train to Shenzhen, China’s first Special Economic Zone, and to Hong Kong where you will experience the dynamics between these twin cities. You will have exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to industrial parks and start-ups, as well as business experts and professionals from one of China’s most important economic sectors.

Case Study

Rebecca Lewis
Rebecca Lewis

“After interning at JD and loving my experience so much, I no longer doubt that I am heading into the right career path. This experience made me more confident and ready for life after graduation.”

Name : Rebecca Lewis
Internship Location : JD (京东)
Internship Title : Marketing Intern
TBC Semester : Summer 2017
Home University : Loyola University Chicago
Home University Major :

Public Relations

Internship Overview (JingDong) is one of the two largest B2C online retailers in China by transaction volume and revenue, and member of the Fortune Global 500.

Job Description

I managed and planned the JD social media pages (Facebook, Instagram), collaborated with KOLs, did English to Chinese and Chinese to English translations.


Since I plan to go to graduate school and work in China after graduating from Loyola, I wanted to get an idea of what the work environment in China was like and improve my Chinese. This internship did just that. I also gained valuable skills for a future marketing job like familiarity with PS, data analytics, direct marketing, and positive mentoring and support from my boss. My internship made me think of all the things I learned in class as meaningful and interesting, rather than terms to memorize for a test.

Going Forward

I would like to go to graduate school in China and work for a big Chinese company (e.g. Baidu, JD, Ali) in the future. Before this experience, I had always had the idea that I wanted to do something related to Marketing/PR/Advertising in a large company. However, I’d never had the experience and was always worried I was going in the wrong direction and would find out later on in life that I hated my job. After interning at JD and loving my experience so much, I no longer doubt that I am heading into the right career path.

Unique to China moment

Standing in the middle of a subway so full of people I can’t move more than an inch in any direction on my way to work

John Schmidt
John Schmidt

@World Health Organization office in Beijing, China

Above all, it was refreshing to feel like the work I was doing really had an impact. There is a good chance my work will be used in a brief to the Chinese government on where resources should be shifted in the future, and that alone makes the job worth it.

Name : John Schmidt
Internship Location : World Health Organization (WHO)
Internship Title : Economic Burden Research Intern
TBC Semester : Fall 2016
Home University : Loyola University Chicago
Home University Major :

Economics and International Studies, Minors: French, Spanish, and Asian Studies

Internship Overview

The World Health Organization (WHO)  is one of the oldest offices of the United Nations. Its mission is to promote health all over the world, both to governments and to citizens. Working at the WHO office in Beijing was a unique experience because it brought together so many people with diverse backgrounds from around the world, each with their own specialization. The workspace is set up in an “open office” layout and it was great for collaboration and feeling like everyone there was peers rather than co-workers. We were encouraged to reach out for help from our fellow team members, something everyone in the office, not just the interns, took advantage of.

Job Description

My primary job at the WHO was to support my supervisor Wang Ding in health financing research. Specifically, my assignment was to build a database of diseases in China and try to crunch the numbers in an Excel document to find the true cost of various diseases in China, and the burden they imposed on the people and the government.


More than anything I learned how to work in an international environment with people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. I feel stronger communicating in Chinese and French (the 2nd and 3rd languages of the office) and feeling comfortable asking coworkers for help even if it’s not in English. Above all though it was refreshing to feel like the work I was doing really had an impact. There is a good chance my work will be used in a brief to the Chinese government on where resources should be shifted in the future, and that alone makes the job worth it.

Going Forward

I have always had a commitment to public service so the World Health Organization seemed like the logical next step for me, an experience that confirmed what I already knew about my career goals. In February 2017 I will start work for the Peace Corps as a business advising extension agent in Senegal, and my time with the WHO no doubt prepared me for that job.

Unique to China moment

Our office was about 50% Chinese 50% foreign, so it maintained a Western feel while at the same time being decidedly Chinese. The biggest differences were the hours, most people came to work late and stayed late, and the 服务员, or in-office maids. Both of these differences created a much different feel from a normal “western” office environment, but it was a welcome change as it was easier for everyone to focus on work rather than getting in at 8 sharp or washing the pile of dishes in the kitchen.

Lillian Nguyen
Lillian Nguyen

@American Chamber of Commerce

“I learned a lot about how to work and navigate an office setting that works on an international level.”

Name : Lillian Nguyen
Internship Location : American Chamber of Commerce
Internship Title : Business Support Service Intern
TBC Semester : Fall 2016
Home University : Loyola University Chicago
Home University Major :

Chinese Studies and Communications Double-Minor: Sustainable Management and Chinese Language studies

Internship Overview

Amcham is a non-profit, non-government affiliated organization that is essentially a resource of information for businesses in America to conduct business in China. We hold all the information  necessary to assist in all aspects of doing businesses- from creating transitional business plans to translating policy plans so that American firms can better understand them.

Job Description

My job holds a variety of tasks. I do research on the policies that China drafts and I assist in writing the policy papers and we send those papers to the chamber of commerce in the U.S. I also assist in putting on events. I create the event pages, invite members to attend, and sometimes if necessary I host the event. Basically, if the office needs anything they delegate it to the interns.


I learned a lot about how to work and navigate an office setting that works on an international level. It was perfectly what I wanted in an internship abroad. I felt like I made a difference and an actual impact with the work that I did. Working at Amcham even gave me the opportunity to write a story that gets to be featured in our magazine Business Now.

Going Forward

I feel that this has helped me become a lot more secure in my career path, I feel like I have found something that I can potentially do in life and be satisfied with doing it.

Unique to China moment

I was very surprised with how easy it was for me to transition into an office that spoke a multitude of languages. We all try to learn from one another and stay in the same page, but it was easier than I thought.

Victoria Landa-Steinau
Victoria Landa-Steinau

@ JingJobs (Beijing HR startup)

“I’ve had an internship every semester of university, and this is the first time I have ever had a mentor that treated me as an equal.”

Name : Victoria Landa-Steinau
Internship Location : JingJobs (Beijing HR startup)
Internship Title : Event management, marketing, HR Intern
TBC Semester : Fall 2016
Home University : Loyola University Chicago
Home University Major :

Political Science, Double-Minor: Asian Studies and Chinese Language & Culture

Internship Overview

JingJobs is a curated job listing platform and matching service for China based internships and jobs. Ranging from startups, boutique firms and multinational corporations, JingJobs compiles the most suitable opportunities in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities across China for bilingual jobseekers.

Job Description

Startups require each team member to wear multiple hats. I helped to organize networking events, matched employers with prospective candidates, and even hosted a podcast! So many things I’d never thought I’d be able to do, I did!


In a couple of words, I have become a stronger leader and more aware of the necessity of cultural competency. The mentorship of my boss, the founder, made the biggest impact on me this semester. Samantha didn’t give me time to be nervous, she just said “go do it” with full confidence in me, because she placed so much trust in me, I had to trust myself.  

Going Forward

I originally studied Political Science with the intention of pursuing a career in education policy, but after interning in this type of work, I felt very frustrated with hierarchy and bureaucracy. Interning at JingJobs showed me the flexibility and excitement of working for a startup. I have a clearer vision of my future in business and how I can still incorporate education in regards to cultural competency.

Unique to China moment

Small things that I’d never known if I hadn’t worked in a Chinese office- such as co-workers always drinking hot water and taking naps after lunch.


TBC will work closely with you to identify host organizations that suit your major, your interests and your career goals. Our wide network of partners includes:
  • Start-ups and tech companies
  • Multinational corporations
  • Media companies (including print, social media, and TV)
  • Consultancies and advisory firms
  • Government departments and international agencies
  • Not-for-profit organizations, research institutes, embassies, and chambers of commerce
  • Healthcare-related organizations
  • Museums, art galleries, and cultural institutions
Internship Partners


Application deadline
Students arrive in Beijing- program start!
Internship Begins
Internship Program Ends
Excursion to Shenzhen and Hong Kong
Closing Ceremony, Students leaving from Hong Kong

Program Fees

Program fee $6,350

  • Tuition for 6 credit hours of internship
  • Required international health insurance
  • Double occupancy housing
  • Airport Pickup/Dropoff
  • Orientation in Beijing (activities, meals, speakers)
  • Excursion trip to Shenzhen and Hong Kong
  • Professional development program subsidy
  • For continuing students (from Spring 2018): interim housing between the Spring and Summer programs
  • Closing banquet
Does not include
  • Airfare ($900 - $1,300)
  • Chinese visa costs ($300 approx.)
  • Meals ($300 - $400)
15 March 2019 Admission cutoff date