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ChinaChat is a beginner-level, interactive language program consisting of live online classes and supplementary pre-recorded videos. No previous Chinese language or prerequisite required. The classes focus on scenario-based learning and operate on a smaller scale of 6-12 students per class. Students begin by learning basic pinyin (pronunciation) and then practice speaking in different scenarios. Through this class, students will gain a basic understanding of Chinese Mandarin and have the ability to carry out essential daily conversations. The selected topics and situations in this course are based on real-life scenarios and can easily be used for necessary daily communication. Participants can choose 1 out of 6 scenarios to focus on based on their interests and course availability.

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Scenario-based learning

Live online classes

Supplementary pre-recorded course

Small classes of 6-12 students

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20+ years of experience teaching Chinese

Professional, nationally certified teachers

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Covering common situations and activities


If you are interested in a customized ChinaChat program for your group, please contact us at [email protected]. We will work with you to design a program that fits your group’s needs based on your group’s interests and availability. 


Professor Chen, nationally certified teacher at The Beijing Center, has been a Chinese teacher for fourteen years. Chen Zhao has a wealth of experience teaching the Chinese language across all levels in many programs, including the CET Intensive Chinese Program and the Universities of California Inter-University Program for Chinese Studies.


Professor Jiang, nationally certified teacher at The Beijing Center, has taught Chinese language for the Intensive Chinese language program managed by the School of International Education of UIBE, and the EU- China Managers Exchange and Training Program (METP), a five-year intergovernmental cooperation project between the EU and China in the field of international trade, and other related subjects.

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Program Fees

ChinaChat Program

  • 1 Scenario
  • 10.5 Hours / Scenario
  • Live online classes
  • Small classes of 6-12 students
  • Supplementary pre-recorded course
  • Certificate of Completion. *Over 80% attendance is required to get a certificate of completion No recording provided for missed live sessions.
24 November Admission cutoff date