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Student-Intern Interview: Danni Du

Can you briefly introduce yourself? 

Hello everybody, my name is Mingyue Du – that is my Chinese name. You can also call me by my English name, Danni. I’m a junior studying at the University of San Francisco as an accounting major. 

Why did you apply to TBC?

TBC is one of USF’s approved study abroad programs. Also, I felt this program is really good because it also offers a summer internship program, and since I’ve already decided to return to China and work in China after I graduate, so I think TBC is a pretty good platform for me to get familiar with the workplace in China, Beijing, and also built a very strong network. 

What company do you intern at and what do you do while at work?

Well right now I work at a State Owned Enterprise – a Chinese local coal mining company. I work as an intern at the accounting department there. What I do includes auditing companies, reimbursement, collecting payment from other companies, and doing transactions with other companies.

Have you experienced anything different from the culture in the US?

Well I feel the biggest difference is the accounting system, the difference between accounting systems in China and the United States. The basics are the same but there are different, specific accounting laws in China. Also, the accounting certifications are different – being a US CPA and Chinese CPA certified are different.

What has your experience been living on UIBE’s campus?

First of all, it’s a very pretty university and then everything is pretty good, pretty convenient. The UIBE is in a great area of Beijing and then the dorm, everything is pretty good, pretty new.