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Saying Goodbye to Fall 2019 Students

As Fall 2019 students gathered at TBC on Friday, December 13, to say their goodbyes and show their appreciation for each other, a brief ceremony took place, followed by a reception in the hutong and a chance for everyone to reflect on their time together at TBC and in China.

During the closing ceremony, in recognition of our time together, speeches by TBC and UIBE staff were delivered. UIBE Director of Admission for the School of International Education, Du Peiyuan, addressed the students by expressing his contentment for their opportunity to be able to come and experience China for real – the real China, in China. He encouraged students to return to UIBE to further their studies, with the support of the community they have become a part of. TBC Executive Director, Simon Koo, followed by expressing his gratitude towards the students, and for having given us the privilege of being a part of their life and education.

Many of the people that made a huge impact and got to know the students on a daily basis, gave heartfelt speeches about how fulfilling their time together has been. Professor Howard, who teaches wushu at TBC, recounted the students’ success in their wushu competitions, and gave each student a participating certificate to commemorate their growth this semester. Queenie He and Katherine Liu from Student Life at TBC, both shared their happiness towards the students, remembering the many memories they made together and expressing their pride, in how far each student has come this semester. One student in particular, Connor Brachtl, was recognized as having lived “The TBC Mission.” Connor took a moment in front of everyone, to recognize his personal growth and achievements during his time here. He proceeded to thank everyone who has shaped his time here, and joined the other students in writing cards for each other.

The reception provided the opportunity for TBC staff, students and their Chinese roommates, to share their happy and bittersweet sentiments. Despite everyone’s sadness, students and staff said their goodbyes with the hope and excitement for future meetings.