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You know that craving for a warm piece of pizza; but you look at your wallet and it says nope, cannot afford western food tonight. Well, I got the solution for you.

In the alley to the left side of east gate, there is a restaurant called Cheesy Cheese. However, since there is a lovely lady that works there we started calling her and the place Mama Cheese. The atmosphere is great, it is such a small place but it has lots of character.   The walls are covered in post-it cards with messages, quotes and drawings made by people from around the world.

Her pizza is great and everything in the place has cheese of some sort in it. It is the perfect way to harm up your heart. Great pizza and a fantastic restaurant. Enjoy the pizza and say hi to Mama Cheese for me!

By Larissa Sales, Loyola University Chicago, TBC Communications and Social Media Intern and Fall 2015 Student