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Jesuit Universities Alumni Reception

On Friday, December 6, TBC held a reception for Jesuit alumni in Beijing to come together and enjoy a night of reminiscing and networking. TBC welcomed alumni from six AJCU universities including Fairfield University, Fordham University, Georgetown University, Loyola Marymount University, Loyola University Chicago, and University of San Francisco.  

The night began with a Colombian coffee tasting from coffee master, Zhao Hui – “Uncle Bean” himself. Mr. Hui explained the three flavors of coffee and proceeded to welcome the alumni to taste each flavor. After tasting the delicious coffee, the alumni reception formally began with wine service, which provided the perfect opportunity for networking and exchanging academic and study abroad experiences.

While alumni enjoyed the food and company, TBC Executive Director, Dr. Simon Koo welcomed everyone for their participation and reiterated the importance of TBC’s mission of continued multicultural exchange.  

 Dr. Koo’s speech was followed by TBC–Loyola Marymount student Matthew Kujawa’s, and TBC–Loyola Chicago alum, Vukica Elenovska’s words to their fellow alumni. Matthew expressed his gratitude for having had the chance to be a part of the TBC community this year and hopes there will be opportunities for future reunions. Vukica emphasized the lasting impact of a Jesuit education and the importance of studying abroad and accepting other cultures.  

For the duration of the night, the guests took turns transforming into animated versions of themselves, as sketch artist Li Peitai created a unique portrait of each guest. An exchange of photos and laughs was shared, as the guests compared portraits.  

The night ended with the creation of new friends and in remembrance of fond memories of college days, with the excitement of future TBC reunions among Jesuit alumni and friends, to come.  



About The Beijing Center

Established in 1998 by Ron Anton, S.J., The Beijing Center (TBC) is a not-for-profit center of higher education and research in mainland China committed to fostering mutual understanding between China and the rest of the world through cultural exchange, education, and research.

In its architecturally unique Beijing facility on campus of University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), TBC hosts students and scholars to study the Chinese language, culture, and all things China in China.  Since 2002, TBC has partnered locally with UIBE, a top-tier Chinese public research university. Throughout the years, over 2,000 students have spent a semester abroad at TBC and approximately 300–400 per year come to TBC with short-term faculty-led programs from all over the world.

TBC maintains a research library with over 27,000 volumes in English, including rare books and maps, and hosts conferences, guest lectures, and seminars.  Considered to be the largest English language library about China on the mainland, TBC has hosted numerous scholars from China and worldwide to assist with their research. 

TBC serves as a hub for the international Jesuit higher education network in mainland China. What makes us unique is our place in a long and storied tradition, starting with Matteo Ricci, of Jesuit learning engaging with Chinese culture. This tradition teaches us that true cultural engagement starts with friendship.