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Internship Showcase – Summer 2019

On Wednesday, July 17th, TBC’s Intern Abroad summer participants introduced their experience working in Beijing at the Summer Internship Showcase. TBC’s summer cohort of student-interns have been working hard for the last two months, learning how to collaborate and communicate in multicultural workplaces. They have been working in a variety of industries and environments from non-profit to SOE to tech startup to multinational PR firms. 

Our internship showcase this summer was presented at the third part of BeHive’s “Be Your Leader” program, entitled “Cross Cultural Communication”. 

Speaking at the event was Ying Ying Li of Yingfluence. Ying discussed the importance of cross-cultural communication, teaching the audience her 7 steps to develop intercultural agility. 

Following Ying’s presentation, attendees were given the opportunity to speak and connect with our internship students about working in Beijing. Students, majorly from the United States, China and Singapore, were able to share stories of cross-cultural communication while working abroad. See photos below: