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I will never remember the real name of this place, but I know I’m in the right place when I see this cute old lady smile at me. Once you go inside, the first thing you will notice is that even though the place is probably smaller than our dorm room it somehow always fits everybody.

If you speak zero Chinese, like me, you will be very thankful for this next aspect of Grandma’s restaurant. They have an amazing menu with photos; plus all the dishes actually look like the photos. You can’t go wrong with Grandma’s; anything that you order will taste great.

Also, you know that night class that only finishes at 10:15 and by then most places are closed and you really don’t feel like eating food from a small motorcycle, that you don’t even know how they manage to have a fully equipped restaurant in such a small automobile. Well, Grandma’s is always open very late.

You might ask what my favorite dish is there, to be honest I have tried many dishes and all of them are delicious, the one that my friends and I order is the fried beef noodle with an egg on top. Grandma’s is one of my favorite restaurants; it has great food, and a cute and super funny old lady for you to learn Chinese from.

To finish the night strong, stop by the tea booth and get yourself some bubble tea! Enjoy!

By Larissa Sales, Loyola University Chicago, TBC Communications and Social Media Intern and Fall 2015 Student