1150Fall 2020
3 Credits

U.S. History

This course focuses on the study of American history from the Colonial period until modern day, highlighting the major aspects that have contributed to the United States of America's development.
Course Introduction

U.S. History

This course is accredited through the school of record, UIBE.
3 Credits

Course Description

A survey of the political, social, economic, and intellectual developments that have shaped and influenced the growth of the United States from a colonial appendage to world power. The course seeks to provide a firm chronological foundation for the study of the American past but seeks to go beyond narrative and to provide analytical insights into the institutions, society, economy, and ideas upon which American civilization is founded. Consideration will be given to continuity, change, and conflict in American society. 

Courses Outcomes

You will learn:

  • Major historical aspects from political, diplomatic, intellectual, cultural, economic, and social perspectives
  • To effectively analyze, discuss, and write about historic events and their impact on the US

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