IBUS 201Spring

International Business

Develop your understanding and appreciation of the strategic thinking and practices required to conduct business internationally
Xu Erming 徐二明
Course Introduction
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Xu Erming 徐二明
Xu Erming 徐二明Ph.D. Renmin University of China

Dr. Xu is the former Dean of the School of Business at Renmin University of China. Dr. Xu has been a visiting professor to many universities around the world, and as a Fulbright scholar twice in USA. A leading authority in business education, he is a member of China’s National MBA Education Advisory Committee of the State Council of China and is a director of the China Enterprise Management Association.

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International Business

This course is accredited through Loyola University Chicago
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Course Description

This subject explores some of fascinating challenges of managing across countries. It aims to develop your understanding and appreciation of the strategic thinking and practices required to act internationally and to successfully conduct business with people, business and governments in other countries. Building on the themes of subjects such as International Business Environment, global monetary system, strategies, structures, and functions, you should be able to develop an understanding of the distinctive features of selected countries or companies and aspects of their particular management practices that will assist you to achieve the subject’s aims.

This subject will also consider ways in which the major international business theories and behaviors may be adapted to ensure their application is carefully considered when applying the management theory in an international setting. The subject aims to enhance your skills as a manager operating internationally through the development of a more integrated view of international business and related management practices.

Courses Outcomes

On completion of this subject you should be able to:

  1. Explain to understand how and why the world’s countries differ;
  2. Present a through review of the economics and politics of international trade and investment;
  3. Explain the functions and form of the global monetary system;
  4. Examine the strategies and structures of international business;
  5. Assess the special roles of an international business’s various functions.