1320Spring 2021
3 Credits

General Psychology

Learn about the concepts and theories of psychology and how to apply them in real life.
Course Introduction

General Psychology

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3 Credits
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Course Description

Factors influencing human behavior including biological and neurological processes and structures, evolution, genetics, gender, life span development, consciousness, attention, sensation, perception, learning, memory cognition, intelligence, motivation, emotion, stress, personality, psychopathology, psychotherapy, social and cultural determinants.

Courses Outcomes

On successful completion of this course (i.e. by passing this course), a student will be able to

  1. Recognize the basic vocabulary of the discipline.
  2. Identify the major areas and parameters of psychology as a discipline.
  3. Distinguish among social/behavioral, intra-psychic, and biological perspectives of behavior.
  4. Recognize the variety of ways psychological data are gathered and evaluated.
  5. Recognize connections between general principles of human behavior and your own personality and personal relationships.
  6. Recognize major psychological theories and the ways they are used to assess or change human behavior.