TBC 1100Fall 2020

Engaging China: Silk Road Trip Course

Explore thousands of years of history while you travel 2,050 miles along the Silk Road!
Frank Hannafey 韩乐飞
Course Introduction
Frank Hannafey 韩乐飞
Frank Hannafey 韩乐飞Ph.D. and MBA, Loyola University Chicago

Professor and Academic Advisor

Based in Beijing


Frank has worked in university higher education for many years and has most recently served as a professor at Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA. His teaching, research, and writing is focused in the fields of business ethics and contemporary moral problems. He has lived and pursued research projects in Hong Kong, Yunnan Province, and Guizhou Province. Frank continues his study of the Mandarin Chinese language and is presently engaged in a writing project on Chinese tea– with special focus on Puer Tea from Yunnan Province in southwest China.

  • Chinese Tea
  • Yoga
  • Travel
  • Walking
  • Reading

Engaging China: Silk Road Trip Course

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Course Description

The purpose of the ENGAGING CHINA: Silk Road Excursion is to familiarize the student with the geography and history of the Qin through Qing Dynasties of China.

The Silk Road Excursion course is comprised of:

  • Three pre-trip introductory lectures / presentations
  • Two weeks of guided travel
  • Two to four lectures during the travel
  • One “reflection dinner” during trip to consider what is being learned
  • Student research topic presented as an 8 minute “in-progress” report during trip.
  • Daily (during 2 week trip) attendance at student presentations.
  • Two summary lectures / presentations at conclusion of trip.
  • Student 8 page (academic form) paper on research topic
  • Synoptic exam

Courses Outcomes

Preliminary lectures / presentations will introduce the student to the history and peoples of China. The Excursion itself is a physical validation of what has been read and heard. Prior to arriving in China the student will be assigned a research topic on the appropriate trip. S/he will have additional time in our library to study. During the travel at an appropriate site each student offers an in-progress report on, for example, the pre-eminence of calligraphy in Chinese culture. Staff and faculty will comment on the presentation in private. Further research and physical resources will be supplied. The student will photograph, interview, document and record data to corroborate the substance of his/her research. During travel a reflection dinner will aid students to digest the myriad images and experiences they will have had. At the conclusion of the trip two presentations will help gather up what has been learned. A written exam will be undertaken. A final draft of the research will be presented in academic form.