1050Fall 2021
3 Credits

College Composition and Rhetoric

This beginner's course will provide students with the fundamentals for writing effectively, both in terms of personal and academic writing.
Course Introduction

College Composition and Rhetoric

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3 Credits
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Course Description

This is a first-year level course in which the students will learn the techniques and practice of expository and argumentative writing based on personal experience and observation, critical reading, and critical thinking. Specifically, students will:

  1. Create topic sentences to unify and focus paragraphs
  2. Create a thesis to unify and focus essays
  3. Use specific and concrete details to support a thesis
  4. Organize those details in a coherent logical pattern related to the thesis
  5. Create introductions, transitions, and conclusions
  6. Use various rhetorical modes (description, narration…)
  7. Use correct grammar and diction
  8. Edit student’s papers
  9. Read and analyze a variety of college-level texts, predominantly expository.

Courses Outcomes

On successful completion of this course (i.e. by passing this course), a student will be able to

  1. Practice writing as a multi-step process including planning and revising with attention to varying purposes, audiences, and rhetorical strategies.
  2. Read and analyze rhetorically and culturally diverse narrative and expository texts from a variety of perspectives.