2020Spring 2024
3 Credits

Chinese VI

Chen Zhao 陈昭
Course Introduction
Chen Zhao 陈昭
Chen Zhao 陈昭M.A. Beijing Normal University

Since her graduation from Beijing Normal University in the department of Chinese Language and Culture, Chen Zhao has been a Chinese teacher for fourteen years. Chen Zhao has a wealth of experience teaching the Chinese language across all levels in many programs, including the CET Intensive Chinese program and the Universities of California Inter-University Program for Chinese Studies. She started teaching at TBC in 2012 and has been teaching all levels during the full-length semester program and China Voice programs in the summer.

  • Chinese Language
  • Study Abroad

Chinese VI

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3 Credits
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Course Description

In this course students will study the last five chapters of Level 2, Part one of Integrated Chinese. The course will continue to expand students’ vocabulary and sentence structures, including approximately 150 new phrases and over 25 grammar structures. Through a more profound and comprehensive approach, topics covered in previous Chinese courses will be reinforced and advanced to a higher level, enabling students to give descriptions and comments, to present reasons and arguments in a more critical and skillful manner.

Courses Outcomes

Students will be able to address practical topics more proficiently and skillfully, such as discussing the pros and cons of living on and off campus, to describing different kinds of living spaces, to describe shopping preferences and criteria and to explain whether your family members have an influence on your choice of major and career path. Cultural difference will be further addressed through practices of tone of speech, such as expressing politely a dissenting opinion, disagreeing tactfully, present your arguments with rhetorical questions.


Success in your classes will depend on your commitment to regular review and practice. TBC has a language tutor program (available free of charge) and you are strongly encouraged to make regular appointments with your assigned language tutor, to review vocabulary and practice writing and reading. You should expect to spend no less than an additional 6 hours per week on revision and practice.