1030Spring 2024
3 Credits

Chinese III

You already have your basics down!
Jiang Weihong 江伟红
Course Introduction
Jiang Weihong 江伟红
Jiang Weihong 江伟红MA, Beijing Language and Culture University

Professor Jiang teaches Chinese language at the School of International Education, University of International Business and Economics (UIBE). She has taught Chinese language at primarily the introductory and intermediate level, and also supervised the teaching quality of all Chinese language courses at TBC since the 2009. Prior to her work with TBC, Professor Jiang taught Chinese language for the Intensive Chinese language program managed by the School of International Education of UIBE, and the EU-China Managers Exchange and Training Program (METP), a five-year intergovernmental cooperation project between the EU and China in the field of international trade, and other related subjects. Professor Jiang obtained her Master degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language at Beijing Language and Culture University, and her Bachelor’s degree in English at Anhui University. Professor Jiang won the title of “Excellent Teacher of the School of International Education” issued by UIBE many times.

Chinese III

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3 Credits
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Course Description

In this course students will study Lessons 11-15 of the textbook.

On the basis of the systematic introduction of Chinese 101 and 102, this course continues to expand the student’s vocabulary and grammatical knowledge in order to increase their proficiency in listening comprehension, reading, speaking and writing. Students will deepen their understanding of Chinese culture through introduction of “Cultural Highlights” covering topics such as climatic conditions, dining out and Chinese cuisines, asking directions, seeing a doctor and attending and participating in social events.

Courses Outcomes

Students will enrich their grammatical knowledge and enlarge their vocabulary, gaining approximately 300 new expressions and phrases, which enables them to use their acquired vocabulary to communicate in different contexts, such as talking about the weather, asking directions, seeing a doctor and renting an apartment. Students will understand several grammar points around comparisons, resultative complements and action-in- progress phrases.


Success in your classes will depend on your commitment to regular review and practice. TBC has a language tutor program (available free of charge) and you are strongly encouraged to make regular appointments with your assigned language tutor, to review vocabulary and practice writing and reading. You should expect to spend no less than an additional 6 hours per week on revision and practice.