TBC 1621Fall 2021, Spring 2021
3 Credits

Calculus for Business

Yutao HAN 韩玉桃
Course Introduction
Yutao HAN 韩玉桃
Yutao HAN 韩玉桃Ph.D. University of Luxembourg

Yutao HAN is an Associate Professor at the University of International Business and Economics since 2014. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics (2014) from the University of Luxembourg.

Yutao HAN has quite a broad research agenda, bringing public and international economics, with theoretical and empirical methods. Her papers cover the areas of fiscal competition, fiscal federalism, migration, IPR protection, and dynamic optimal problems. Her research generates insights that contribute to economic theory and provides policy recommendations in the area of public policy. Her research has been published in international journals, such as the Journal of Public Economics, Review of International Economics, International Tax and Public Finance, Economic Inquiry, etc.

  • Public Economics
  • Industrial Economics
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Calculus for Business

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3 Credits
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Course Description

This course will cover selected topic from functions, limits and the derivative, differentiation, applications of the derivative, exponential and logarithmic functions, integration, and calculus of several variables used in business, economics, and social science applications.

Courses Outcomes

On successful completion of this course (i.e. by passing this course), a student will be able to

  1. Use correct notation and mathematical precision in the evaluation andinterpretation of derivatives and integrals.
  2. Evaluate, solve, interpret and communicate business and social science applicationsusing appropriate differentiation and integration methodologies.