Advanced Conversational Chinese II

Express your true personality in Chinese!
Chen Zhao 陈昭
Course Introduction
Chen Zhao 陈昭
Chen Zhao 陈昭M.A. Beijing Normal University
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Advanced Conversational Chinese II

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Course Description

CHIN 361 covers 8-10 lessons of Developing Chinese-Advanced speaking (I) 《发展汉语-高级口语 (I)》, aiming to provide advanced learners of Chinese with additional opportunities to further expand their vocabulary and grammatical knowledge with a focus on strengthening their conversational skills. Students will be guided to use formal language to discuss complicated social problems and be introduced to some useful colloquial slangs.  Texts in the course (three texts each lesson) facilitates discussion of dominant topics in contemporary Chinese society such as social circles, online social networks, pollution, and fashion trends.

Courses Outcomes

Students will acquire more than 250 advanced expressions. They will also be able to recognize and differentiate synonyms and to apply useful colloquial slangs that will help them to successfully hold conversations with native Chinese speakers. Through daily conversations and exercises, students will gain valuable insights into differences between Chinese and western cultures and develop a better understanding of the people and the country of China.