1050Fall 2020
3 Credits

Academic Writing Seminar

This beginner's course will provide students with the fundamentals for writing effectively, both in terms of personal and academic writing.
Course Introduction

Academic Writing Seminar

This course is accredited through the school of record, UIBE
3 Credits

Course Description

Designed as a workshop in which each student develops a portfolio of personal and academic writing, the seminar follows a semester-long process. Students write and rewrite essays continuously, discuss their works-in-progress in class, and receive feedback during individual and small group conferences with the instructor. Students read a wide range of texts, including various forms of non-fiction prose. In addition to regular conferences, the class meets two hours per week to discuss the writing process, the relationship between reading and writing, conventional and innovative ways of doing research, and evolving drafts of class members. Students will gain practice in the writing of academic essays, focusing on a range of English rhetorical styles from narrative to analytic, to research. The composition process from brainstorming, drafting, revision, and editing will be considered. 

Courses Outcomes

You will learn to:

  • Write effectively, concisely, and masterfully
  • Incorporate the basic steps of the writing process
  • Improve literary and analytical skills

…and more