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Itinerary: Antwerp University

Case study:
Antwerp University

Undergraduate business course with students from various majors

30 students + 2 faculty
Nationality: Belgian
Trip Theme: Business
Dates and duration of visit: July 4, 2015 – July 19, 2015 – 16 days

Reasons for choosing China:

As China plays such a major role in the world economy, the faculty of Antwerp University feel that it is vital that their students experience China first-hand. For students that are studying international business, experiencing and gaining an understanding of life, business, and culture in China is crucial to their future success. This course has been taught in China through ChinaContact for 7 years, with the understanding that certain things cannot be taught in a classroom and are only learned through experience.

What were the goals in creating this trip?

For students to:

Chinacontact solutions

  • Taichi Class at the Temple of Heaven
  • Pearl Market
  • Tian’anmen Square
  • Forbidden City
  • Hutong Tour
  • Lama Temple
  • Confucius Temple
  • Dinner with Chinese students
  • Overnight train from Beijing to Xi’an
  • Bike Riding on Xi’an City Wall
  • Terracotta Warrior Museum
  • Grand Mosque at Muslim Quarter
  • Shaanxi History Museum
  • Corporate Group Lunch
  • Night Cruise on the Huangpu River
  • Acrobatic Show
  • Shanghai Museum
  • The Old City
  • Shanghai Financial World Center
Site visits

10 company visits – students talked to top management of Chinese and intrnational corporations, gaining a greater understanding of the challenges and specific ways of doing business in China.

  • Ogilvy & Mather Company visit
  • Belguim Embassy in Beijing
  • Show Lotus Company visit
  • Thiebaut production line visit
  • Picanol Company visit
  • Vyncke Company visit
  • KBC Bank visit
  • Shanghai Urban Planning Centre
  • Belgian Consulate in Shanghai
  • Port of Shanghai visit
  • China Introduction
  • Chinese Philosophy
  • Challenging Issues in China
  • Chinese Business Context
  • Marketing in China
  • Chinese Government and Politics (Domestic)
  • Chinese New Leadership
  • The Chinese History
  • Legal Environment in China
  • Confucianism im Business Context
  • China in the World Economy
  • Starting Business in China

Residual benefit:

The Students came to China with very little knowledge of business, economy, culture, and history of China. They left with a much greater understanding of how all of these aspects are interwined. Upon reflection, they felt that their preconceptions were mostly wrong and much of their viewpoints had changed. Many students left with the aspiration of returning to China for business or study.

Antwerp Student Antwerp Student
“The combination of company visits, lectures, and cultural tours gave insight into business in China that is impossible to get if you are in Belgium.”
Antwerp 2 Antwerp 2
“This trip changed my whole view of China. I feel that I had the opportunity to touch business life of the future”
Antwerp 3 Antwerp 3
“Learning about the Eastern thinking and their way of doing business was very beneficial. The company visits were very important because of the insight we received through their spokespeople.”
Antwerp 4 Antwerp 4
“This was a very good opportunity to gain business and cultural knowledge. I realised that in the future I want to work internationally and live abroad.”
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