John Sember 单彬
John Sember 单彬MPA Tsinghua University

Associate Director of Marketing

John is an alumnus of The Beijing Center! He lived in China for seven years and is experienced in non-profit branding, campaigning, and fundraising. Determined to build and encourage cross-cultural exchanges, John creates content and shares stories from TBC. He is enjoying the twin challenge of enticing more of the intrepid yet studious to experience China through The Beijing Center whilst advancing complementary business processes into a non-profit educational environment.

Sherry Song 宋媛瑜
Sherry Song 宋媛瑜MTI, University of International Business & Economics

Marketing Assistant

Based in Beijing


Sherry joined TBC as Marketing Assistant in February 2019. As a graduate candidate of UIBE, Sherry was TBC academic intern and library lead intern back in 2018. She has great interests in writing and advertising and has been involved in these fields since she was an undergraduate.

  • Sci-Fi
  • Documentaries
  • Photography
Vukica Elenovska 吴金夏
Vukica Elenovska 吴金夏BBA, Loyola University Chicago

Communications Assistant

Based in Beijing


Vukica is a TBC alumnus! As a study abroad student in 2017, Vukica was a Marketing and Analytics Intern here at TBC. In 2018, she graduated with a BBA in International Business and Management from Loyola University Chicago. Since graduating, Vukica’s focus has been on working for international/global companies and being a part of their marketing efforts.

  • Traveling
  • Reading
  • Listening to Music
  • Drinking Good Coffee
Theo Yue 岳天昊
Theo Yue 岳天昊MPAcc, Renmin Univerisity of China

Marketing Assistant

Based in Beijing


Theo graduated with BS in Business Administration from UIBE and an MPAcc from Renmin University. During his collegiate career, Theo worked with TBC for two years as a language tutor, Chinese Roommate, and as an intern for ChinaContact. In 2018, Theo joined TBC as a Program Manager of ChinaContact. In 2020, Theo joined the marketing team as Marketing Assistant.

  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Cycling
  • Film