Custom Programs (ChinaContact)

Bill Feng 馮威廉
Bill Feng 馮威廉MSc University of Liverpool

Director, ChinaContact

Bill joined TBC in January 2015. He has an MSc in International Management from the University of Liverpool. Before TBC, Bill served as head of International Development Office in Hong Kong Baptist University, United International College (UIC) for five years. A Chinese Canadian, Bill’s unique blend of multi-culture background, allowed him to integrate Western practice with Asian traditions. Prior to his career change to higher education, Bill worked in sales & marketing management for more than 14 years, covering hospitality, retail and IT industries, in a dozen or so countries in North America, Europe and Asia.

Wendy Zhang 张影
Wendy Zhang 张影B.A. Hebei University

ChinaContact Program Coordinator

Wendy Zhang graduated from Hebei University with a B.A. in English Literature. Wendy joined TBC’s ChinaContact team in 2014 as the short term program coordinator. She works together with study abroad program leaders from international universities to design, schedule, budget, and execute short-term academic programs in China. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling around Southeast Asia and integrating herself within the cultures and lives of local people. This helps her to understand the cultural shock that ChinaContact students experience when coming to China for the first time. In addition to traveling Wendy’s hobbies include, cooking big meals and watching movies with friends at home as a way to relax. Wendy is originally from Baoding, a city located two hours outside of Beijing. Prior to joining TBC, she worked as a project assistant in Corning Project in Beijing.

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