Eugene Geinzer 甘优生

Eugene Geinzer 甘优生

MFA, Pratt Institute of Art; M.Arch, Illinois Institute of Technology

Interim Director of Academics and Professor

Eugene Geinzer exhibited his whimsical furniture-sculpture in the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Lever House and Zabriskie Galleries of New York, and many university galleries. Gradually, while teaching packaging design, ceramic sculpture and woodworking at Georgetown University and Loyola University Chicago, he began his dual life as teacher of sculpture and a student of architecture.

  • Traditional Chinese architecture
  • Drawing
  • 3-D design 
  • Ceramic sculpture
  • Woodworking
Ignacio Ramos (Tachi) 达奇

Ignacio Ramos (Tachi) 达奇

Ph.D. Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main

Academic Advisor and Professor

Ignacio (Tachi) has been researching and publishing for the last several years, with a focus on bridging Eastern and Western cultural traditions. Through his polyglot exposure to different friends and countries Tachi is enthusiastic about inspiring intercultural encounters for a world often lacking mutual understanding. TBC means for him a platform to take care of this long-range engagement. Check his work out on: Official WeChat: elcamino_chinese and

  • Walking in Nature
  • Linguistics and Etymology
  • Sports
  • Playing Guitar and Singing
  • Engaging in Environmental Activities
Queenie He 何青

Queenie He 何青

B.A. University of International Business and Economics

Acting Coordinator of Academic Affairs

Queenie He graduated from the University of International Business and Economics with a B.A. in Business English in 2016 and joined TBC’s Academics team in July 2016. Queenie began her association with TBC in 2015; first as a Chinese language tutor to TBC students, and later as a Chinese Roommate and as an intern in TBC’s Student Development department.

Sara Huang (黄雅芬)

Sara Huang (黄雅芬)

MBA, Johnson & Wales University

Professional Programs and Partnerships Manager

After receiving her Master’s degree, Sara Huang continued to work in the education field for a year in the U.S. before moving back to Beijing in late 2014. She has six years of experience in increasingly responsible roles within education at several organizations. In her most recent position, Sara was the head admission officer for Education First’s 12 campuses in the U.S. and 9 in the U.K. Her experience is enhanced by her graduate studies in the U.S. and her working experience at JWU and Brown. Sara has a passion for writing fiction in her spare time and volunteers with organizations that work with orphans. She also loves doing outdoor activities with her pets - a Jersey Wooly and a French Lop. Finally, like most people that grew up in Xiamen, Sara is a seafood lover, so be sure to share good seafood places with her!

  • Travel
  • History
  • Hiking
  • Networking
  • Reading