Media & Communications

Cindy Liu 刘晤昕
Cindy Liu 刘晤昕MBA, Renmin University of China

Brand Manager

Based in Beijing


Cindy joined TBC in 2021. Her main responsibilities are building TBC’s brand and raising brand awareness. Cindy has more than 8 years experience in branding and marketing. She has worked in a top consulting company and has experience building up brand awareness for the domestic and overseas Tourist Bureau, as well as some commercial organizations. Outside of work, Cindy enjoys reading and traveling. 

  • Reading
  • Travelling
  • Hiking
  • Yoga
Yan Song 宋岩
Yan Song 宋岩BFA, Beijing Union University

Graphic Designer

Based in Beijing


Yan joined TBC in 2022.He graduated from art design and has five years of working experience. Experience in multiple large projects involving multiple industries. Outside of work, he likes law and run.

  • Law
  • Running
  • NBA
Wilson Liu  刘潇溦
Wilson Liu 刘潇溦BA, Beijing Information Science and Technology University

Video Content Creator

Based in Beijing


Wilson joined TBC in 2022.He has seven years of working experience and has a lot of experience in making video projects. He loves sports and yearns for wind and freedom.

  • Basketball
  • Riding
  • Music
Jessica Xi 席庆庆
Jessica Xi 席庆庆MA, University of International Business and Economics

Communications Officer

Based in the USA


Jessica is an alumna of The Beijing Center – she was a student in 2018, an intern in 2019, and joined as a part time communication officer in 2022 after graduating with her Master’s in International Relations from UIBE. As a Chinese-American, she is passionate about international exchange, mutual understanding, and building community. She also spent time as a student in Rome, Italy and Geneva, Switzerland. You can always find her trying new foods, learning new stories, and gaining new experiences!

  • Camping
  • Video Games
  • Fiber Arts
  • History
  • Travel
Alice Ma 马润东
Alice Ma 马润东BA, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication

Chinese Content Operations Manager

Alice is a native of Beijing. Her degree is in Journalism. She has a wide range of interests and is curious about everything. So don’t be shy to reach out to her – she’s super chatty!

  • E-sports
  • K-pop
  • Reading